Inspiration between 24 hours

susan mary compositeDr. Mary Palmer and Susan Rosoff in a discussion at the Orlando Museum of Art

Sometimes you can get bowled over by the inspiration that people bring to the table. Within 24 hours, I was hit twice. First in the Orlando Museum of Art by Dr. Mary Palmer and Susan Rosoff, with their workshop on their book, Teaching Through the ARTS: WRITING. They used the museum as a workshop resource, we have talked a lot about arts integration, but these ideas really work.

I have had the pleasure of doing these workshops a few times. This time, I was knocked out how well, Susan’s old workplace, seemed to be the perfect backdrop for all the things they were getting out. A big thanks to Jude Mohler and Christina Owens.

mm portraitsMarc Mero was the other source of inspiration for my students, the way the dynamic duo at the OMA was to me. 

Marc Mero, has a large life story to tell. Students were given a dose of reality, from someone who hasn’t always walked  along the straight and narrow. Coming out of being poor, Mero, worked himself up twice to champion status. The first lost attempt was with boxing, which escaped him by chance. The second with the WWF, brought him money and success. Unfortunately, he slid of the wagon a few times, including losing almost all members of his immediate family.

Many in the audience were shaken, some without Kleenex, as his story resonated for the young and impressionable. As we all know, it is never to early to talk to kids about substance abuse and bullying. But it wasn’t just a sermon, his positive attitude became inspiration for the adults, as well as the kids.

mm blog compositeThere were several non-dry eyes in the house

Thanks to Corey Fairbanks Mazda funding the visit, and the PTA for coming up with it.


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