The 2014 Apopka Christmas Parade

flip miller vazquezWhat could be more happy for the holidays!

Christmas is coming to Apopka, and so is the parade. I never remember a parade in the old community I came from. There were the bronze horses with wreaths around their neck, but not a bona fide parade! This was a happy event, with fancy cars and floats and fun!

DSC_0015 parade beginsThe Parade begins

DSC_0038 mayor joe kilshiemerOur Mayor, Joe Kilsheimer and Mrs. Kilsheimer

DSC_0065 Sertoman Rob ManleySertoman Recipient, Robbie Manley

DSC_0092 miss apopkaLovely Miss Apopka, Sarah Davis

DSC_0097 US Representative John Mica 2U.S. Representative John Mica



DSC_0174 homecoming queen

DSC_0183  home king2014 Apopka High Homecoming Queen, Lavonda Pope and Homecoming King, Sebastian Slagel.


DSC_0324 ap high band

DSC_0347 ap band 2Apopka High Marching Band

DSC_0358 antique cars

DSC_0363 antique cars2Antique cars!!!

DSC_0369 bubblesBubbles!!

DSC_0379 mc1

DSC_0388 mc2Mac!

DSC_0428 kidzdance1


DSC_0463kidzdance 3Kidzdance!

DSC_0486 sunglasses

DSC_0487 2 kids

DSC_0496 bearSights and sounds

DSC_0506 ap nhs 2

DSC_0527 jennings

DSC_0529 flip

DSC_0540 button

parade myrnna oliviera2Apopka Elementary National Honor Society


DSC_0590 rotary


DSC_0736 second last

flags at end

DSC_0789 last shotAnd that is a parade—Apoka style!


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