Apopka Art & Jazz Festival 2015

jazz1Giving kids a chance to perform in front of a live audience is what it is all about

The Sixth Apopka Art and Jazz Festival was placed earlier on the calendar this year from what I have heard. It is usually later. A firm email came out citing next year, no matter what, it would be held April 1. Central Florida weather from late November to mid-March can be unpredictable, sometimes nasty cold. While the cold was terrible, the drizzle and dampness is not conducive to art displays, or putting kids out to perform in costume. The Festival is held at the Amphitheater, which is a pretty open space, subject to wind.

jazz 13

jazz 12

The Apopka Amphitheater is a large open structure which adjoining a small lake. There is a lot of open space surrounding it, which pitches up, perhaps a larger water area at one time. The surrounding area is spare around, but very Florida pleasant, which means green, but open. The area north of Orlando is not so Florida flat, so you have more rolling plain.



jazz blue girls

jazz 14

There had to be about 25 messages, some large, clogging up my email during the last few days. Luckily, I could always follow them, even in my nervousness about trying to get art work together and get all the info right for the show.  Because of testing, and other things, the festival was scheduled for what turned out to be one of the strangest days of the season. We were supposed to get heavy rain, and high winds.

happy birthdayDedicated principal, shows up, even though it is her birthday.

jazz 15 dedicated jteacherDedicated middle school teacher setting up work.

thandiweArtwork blew away at first, table crashed over. At one point I thought my display was going to be lifted up and blown away. One paper quilt ripped before I could get it up. One hung in there for the whole show, without much incident, but a lot of clanging.

People came and went, but not a lot, I wished more kids would have showed up, but the weather, which had started so rainy, must have turned a lot of people off. By the afternoon it was sunny and not cold at all. The poor girls in blue dresses (above) in chorus had been wearing sweatshirts over their sparkly dresses.

jazz iohn and surviving quiltJohn, my assistant, removes wood from the surviving quilt, as we took the show down.

Things like this are a lot of work, but the kids who either perform, or those who have work displayed, get a big kick out it!

homePretty area as you walk around the lake, the water Cezanne blue.