this is what an art room looks likeLast week in my room.

one week laterLights ripped out and a lot of furniture gone.

A year ago, I walked into the room with Matt, bringing in exactly one truckload and one carload of materials to start me off on the new year. At the end of the week, last week, I was back home, 95 boxes packed (top). On a trip back to school this week I found lights were all gone, boxes gone and furniture moved in most cases.

front officeFront office

Being at this school was a welcome. It would be the third “T” school plan I had worked in. I had spent time at Ridgewood Park, which was built around 1970 and had one of the most interesting street layouts I had ever seen, nestled in a community. I worked for two years at Ivey Lane right in the building, in what might have been a first grade room, as the original Kindergarten rooms were huge with 2 classes at once, and half day.




I have also been in the buildings interviewing for Aloma, Windermere and Lake Sybelia. Somewhere, I realized there was something different about this school, while the front was still the same, cafeteria (with media center on the floor above), same offices and the original teacher lounge (only the stove and sink were gone!)I remember Windermere, like Apopka was not a “T” plan as was Ivey Lane and Ridgewood Park which were built around 1970. Those schools had an extension  from the center of the building with I think, at least 6 more classes per floor, and a back stairwell. The pre-T plan had an exterior stairway, unlike anything I have ever seen (below).

DSC_0691Again, this might have been a revision, with these old buidlngs revisions often came along with admin changes.

denise officeDenise’ office

vazquezMrs. Vazquez plugging away

teachers loungeTeacher’s lounge

ferneys room
Ferney’s room

thurmonds roomThurmond’s room

playground gonePlayground gone

vazquez goodbyeVazquez’ goodbye

A school is forever, only the architecture really changes. We have all seen these ghosts, some for the better, some not. The “post-Modern” thinking is we won’t need books, it will all be tablets and technology. Stay tuned.







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