Coming to

roomNight of Meet the Teacher, and parents and higher ups to show. –Take a picture, someone told me, because the room will never look like this again.

This is a year like no other. It is the first time I have built a classroom ground up. I was given furniture and space. I was given technology. I was given students. And then there is the 96 boxes, and then there is the cabinet full of paints–many gallon cans and bottles, things I could not get rid of–clay in containers, etc.

old roomThe old room, within about as much space. Note door to go outside, this does not exist in the new room.

The old room had five more feet space to the left, a full sink and cabinets and a full bathroom. There was also a storage room shared with the other teacher. Behind me would have been at least 10 more feet and wall to wall bookcases.  In the to picture in the new room, I am standing at the sink area. This would be the end perimeter of the room.

The picture at the start of this, of course, covers the fact, that one garbage can served as a filing cabinet, still does. That the kiln room remained until just before break, a storage room for over 16 boxes of paper and sundries. In December with receipt of two big file drawers and 2 metal shelves, I was able to finally clear the kiln room. This means I can assemble the paper cutter on wheels, the printing press from Brazil and get the wheel out of the box. Storage with this stuff is still optional. But, as an art teacher, I have always had to be resourceful. Happily.

It is now the month of December and we are out for break. Preceding this period, while teaching 700+ students, I have been given 2 separate shipments of furniture. One dumped in the middle of my room, late one night which I had to rearrange things to make way. One being 150 pound crate, which I had to lift up and put under a piece of fabric and drag across the room for a temporary housing in the kiln room. Another night new adjustments for an extra shelf, which I dissembled from another part of school and dragged back to the room. Then another night with another shelf being dumped in the room at 5, just before I was ready to go home. A take it or leave it.

Right now the peripheral of the room is wall to wall stuff, but the student area is breezy. Tune in later. Did I tell you I have 2 sinks?




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