Christmas comes (and goes), 2016

apopkaKit Land Nelson Park becomes a focal point for holiday celebration and one of the backdrops for the Christmas Parade.

tree-lighting-1The tree lighting ceremony in Kit Land Nelson Park is preceded by snow machine to entertain the kids.

tree-lighting-2It was about sunset and the light was quite beautiful, the weather perfect.



Adelia Chambers, our music teacher, and tree-lighting-3Deanna Roth, who came to help her, were in charge of our terrific chorus group. Several schools came to perform and the audience literally was so close to the bandstand, that I had to get down on my knees to shoot. The kids did great and seemed right at home with their performance.



parade1Then the parade came, it is interesting to see all the city officials, Miss Apopka and the schools.

the-flipmobile-interim2Ms. Miller and Mrs Vazquez rode in the red pickup.

flop-cake-5th-grade-girlsThey added a trailer to the red truck, so Flip, our mascot, rode with a group of friends!



Then there was the PJ party which Mrs. Maise, our superb librarian, works hard at every year! This year kids came in droves with lots of activities and to end with hot chocolate and cookies.

shot-for-programMrs. Chambers also produced the Talent Show, a great event.

Where else are you going to see several singers, one acapella, a crackerjack yo yo expert, a hula hoop performer, one jiu jitsu master, dancing acts, two doubles, and a wonderful magician—all for free!

emmanueli-mompoint-garciaOur wonderful paras Emmanueli, Mompoint and Garcia clowning to become immortalized as part of the Kindergarten/Support hallway.










Each year we move along to Christmas and Apopka comes alive in its own right.  We did our design the hall thing again this year, although, there was so much going on with the end of the marking period grading. Some of it was fun. And Admin and Cheer had a luncheon,  while I followed the judges through the halls.

For a three week period, a lot goes on, including Christmas parties and final quarter grades. Mrs. McCoy from our cafeteria and many of the staff coordinated with students, a food drive on the Saturday morning school ended.