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A Year (and a half) in the life

In a year plus, so many things went on. I actually put a 90 minute video of it together, each in 3-30 minute parts, but because of issues with privacy cannot put it up, but i will put up sections here that seemed more public, and informative, to what became our first year in a brand new school. So many small things happened.

We started off with a great Meet the Teacher, a terrific Hispanic Heritage Month, had to pose for a big “A” (I Will Survive video) went on to a great STEM Fall Festival during an October Saturday (Weird Science video). We did the Dedication for the new school in November and I was asked to produce a short continuous running (Gift) video.

la-senorita-and-mrs-vazquezOur committee leader Assistant Principal, Mrs. Aleli Vazquez Santiago of Hispanic Heritage month.

big-a-copyThe big “A” shot.

ribbonRibbon cutting ceremony

4-principalsFour principals during Dedication Ceremony

adelia-birdsong-chambers-pastor-melvin-chambers-denise-paleriniAdelia Chambers, Mr. Birdsong, her dad and our own wonderful secretary, Denise Palmerini, one of our school photographers at the Dedication.

After giving Thanks, and a commemoration to a student we had lost the year before, the winter holidays moved in. Festivities both a concert and our Pajama Party given by Mrs. Maise, our wonderful media specialist, seen in the masthead head shot on the right. We decked the halls before going on break (All I Want video).

After a Fun Run, we went through the beginnings of really getting down to the realization that FSA was around the corner. Black History was presented in February, with one presentation seen in the video below.

We began to move into testing, and the school went along, as all do in our area in an orderly manner. The kids were great, we had an FSA rally, which was filmed, but again not here. Finally in May we came around again to another fairy tale ball, this time the theme was Paris.

lion-kingLeft to right: Principal Lukeshia Miller, Assistant Principal and Director Adelia Chambers

Then there was the Apoka’s Got Talent Show, which our music and performing arts teacher, Adelia Chambers, put together and three weeks later The Lion King Kids. What great productions, some day we’ll be able to post the shots and film. It was incredible to work with Adelia!

omaI took Art Club to OMA, which was great.

Jim Montgomery, our guidance counselor, said goodbye last day. He tirelessly worked for our kids for 19 years. Whether helping out with kids who faced death of a loved one, homelessness, hunger, or a Christmas present that needed some angel to find it, Jim came through. We miss him for his great Irish humor, his grace and his real feeling for those around him. He moved up the street to high school (and many of his old students) as an assistant principal. Best, always.

The boss also played a part in the Talent Show. Great performance.